Toshiba Tablet Review

Toshiba Tablet Review

The tablet revolution is upon us and everyone is a part. Toshiba is no exception to this. In fact, it is actually doing quite well in the tablet marketplace. Toshiba tablets have received very good ratings and feedback from consumers.

In this short Toshiba tablet review, we’ll have a look at what makes Toshiba tablets stand out and what products are available in the market. We’ll also have a look at some specs of these tablets and try to understand the good and bad of it all.

Toshiba Tablets: Distinguishing Features

The screen in Toshiba tablets uses Adaptive Display technology making it easy on the eyes. Toshiba tablets use LED backlit display so it’s bright enough for use at night and can be viewed even in sunlight.

These Android tablets come with full-sized ports like USB ports, SD card slots so it works very much like a laptop, which you’re already comfortable using. The benefits of having a full-sized USB 2.0 port are obvious. You can connect the device to a wide range of devices including printers, flash drives, external hard disk, etc.

Another special feature of Toshiba tablets is the removable back cover and battery. You can remove and replace the back cover and battery easily with new ones. This is quite a feat in the tablet industry.

Toshiba tablets have very smart sensors that makes it easy for detecting tablet movements and directions. This is especially helpful when playing games or looking for directions when you’re seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Thrive – The Super Toshiba Tablet

toshiba tablet reviewThrive is considered one of the best android tablets in the market. Thrive Toshiba tablet comes with in-built stereo speakers for better movie and music experience. The dual speaker audio makes a great enhancement to this super tablet – a feature that doesn’t exist in the Apple iPads.

Thrive has dual cameras front and back. The front camera is 2 mega-pixels and is mainly built for video conferencing. The back camera, which is 5 mega-pixels, captures videos and pictures in high-def for cherishing those memories. It allows auto-focus which is a much needed feature in every camera.

The physical features of the Thrive is worth mentioning. It is smooth, but grip-friendly. It comes with a rubberized finish for slip-resistance. You can now hold your tablet without the fear of accidentally dropping it.

Excite – The All New Toshiba Tablet

Toshiba recently launched its Excite range of Android tablets. The all new Excite tablets run on Android 4.0 and comes in different screen sizes. There’s the Excite 7.7 with a 7.7 inch screen, the Excite 10 and the business class Excite 13 featuring a 13 inch screen.

This new range of awesomeness is expected to hit the market around mid-May to June of 2012. These tablets are packaged with the AMOLED display, a feature being used in the Samsung Galaxy Tablets. All features of the Thrive have been included in the Excite tablets, but they’re far slimmer and lighter.

Here’s a video of the 10-inch Thrive Toshiba tablet being reviewed:

Toshiba tablets make a good competition to the existing Android tablets and will certainly be a great addition to your fleet of tablets. The new Excite range soon to launch especially is a must have for all you gadget freaks.